My Little Sporty Spice

Fall is officially here—well tomorrow anyway—and right along with it is the start of Betty’s first and hopefully not last t-ball season! She had her first practice/game on Sunday and it was adorable and hilarious to watch.

Also I use the word “game” loosely because after all these kids are 3 years old. Not a whole lot of organization yet.

We arrived to the field promptly at 1pm and Betty was outfitted in a hat and a reversible x-small baseball jersey with a #9 on the back that still managed to be a maxi dress on her. I noticed right away that my little ladybug would be the only girl, not just on her team, but on ALL the teams. I felt proud. Betty, of course, couldn’t have cared less.


OMG I die.

The kids were taken away for their practice and I was held with the other families for a WAY too long meeting. I was only half paying attention because I was distracted by Betty as she screamed at me from across the field, but I’m pretty sure the gist of the meeting was to not act like psycho sports parent.

Finally we were freed to go watch our children from the sidelines and after about 5 minutes I volunteered to stand on second base and give some direction because the coach was clearly overwhelmed. The practice lasted a half hour and then it was time for the game!

There were 8 kids on each team. The game consisted of each team going through their lineup to bat and advance one base at a time while the other team stood in the field with their tiny baseball gloves going after whatever ball was hit out to them. It was more than a little disorganized, but SO freaking cute. The best part was watching Betty bat in a giant red helmet. She was SO EXCITED to bat.


SHE HIT IT! And she was pretty great at running the bases too. Being the only girl out there, I got the feeling she was a crowd favorite.

After all the kids had their turns each team lined up to high five each other. And of course some adorable high fives for fellow team members too.


I am so proud of my girl! She has asked me about a hundred times when she gets to go back and play again so I think it’s safe to say she enjoyed herself too.

If you have kids, do they play any sports? When did they start? If you don’t have children, what sports did you play growing up?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday. ❤



What I did on my summer vacation. {The Friday Five}

When I stopped by Mar’s blog earlier to see what the Friday Five topic was, I was instantly crushed by the realization that summer is almost over. Wasn’t I complaining about the freezing cold temps and running on sheets of solid ice just the other day? Where did this year even go?


This week Mar, Courtney and Cynthia are reminding me a little bit of every teacher I had in elementary school who wanted me to write an essay about what I did over my summer break. I hope I was more interesting as a kid because it seems that as an adult my life is a total snoozefest. Summer break doesn’t exist in my world. I mom. I work. And then in whatever spare time I have I run, workout, hang out with the dude and friends and do whatever else I like to do which mostly does not include enough sleep or any real vacations since February.

There have been some high notes though. At least I was pretty sure when I started writing that I could nail down five for the sake of this post.

Five Things I Did This Summer

By: Salt
Grade 482
That’s about what grade I’d be in now, right?

I got a bike!


I hadn’t owned a bike since 2008 when I lived in LA and I’m pleased to have been logging some seriously hot, muggy Charm City summer miles on my bright yellow Salsa Warbird. I LOVE this bike and I think it has helped my running immensely.

Fit Foodie!

So maybe this is a little pathetic, but The Fit Foodie 5K Race Weekend was the closest thing to a vacation that I got all summer.





It didn’t really matter that it was pretty much right down the street. A great event with great food and even more importantly GREAT FRIENDS made for a fantastic time. I had so much fun hanging out with Mar, Courtney, Kathryn, Amy, and Erika!

I had started goal setting for this race shortly after the marathon in New Jersey and I was able to do exactly what I set out to do. That second place finish felt PHENOMENAL!


Media Stuff Happened!

Runner’s World Zelle. Pinch me because I feel like I’m still dreaming this one.


Lily Trotters Kickstarter Campaign.


That completely random time I was asked to come on TV, prepare food, and talk about healthy summer barbecues.



I am a very awkward person by nature. Put me in front of a whole lot of people, a camera, or–even worse–in a live television interview situation and it’s a recipe for healthy summer food and complete disaster.

I think I managed to hold my own though and every bit of it was a fun experience.

I signed up for Marathon #3

Even though I said I wouldn’t be running any more marathons this year. I think that’s how it usually works.NCR-Trail-Marathon-Logo-clear

I’m an official NCR Trail Blazer and starting to get really excited. Currently I’m finishing up week 5 of my plan and wondering why I never considered a November race before. All the longest training runs are scheduled to happen during the best possible weather/temperature conditions around here. I’m looking forward to not running a 17 miler on the treadmill during this training cycle.

God I hate you, spring marathon training.

And of course…

SO many fun Firsts with this girl!!

First 4th of July Fireworks…


First trip out on a 2-wheeler…


First movie in a theater (Minions!)…


First time bowling…


First concert (One Direction!)…



And a first crack at playing t-ball…


I couldn’t get a picture during it, but she was so good that I signed her up to play this fall! She’s so excited and I can’t wait!


That little glove. I die.

You know what? Who cares about vacations. This summer has rocked pretty darn hard!

What has been your favorite part about Summer ’15? Did it go by as quickly for you as it did for me? 

I hope everyone has an AWESOME weekend and enjoy what little bit of this summer that we have left!



How to Make the Most of Your Maternity Leave {Guest Post}

Once upon a time, I was pregnant and subsequently had a baby. I can hardly believe that it happened three and a half years ago. I was determined to work right up to the time I went into labor because I knew that I wouldn’t have the luxury of a long maternity leave…8 weeks if I was lucky if you consider a c-section to be “lucky”, which I think most people would not.

I ended up “lucky” so 8 weeks it was.

I was looking forward to spending that time with my new Betty, but I was also a little bit terrified. I was going to be alone with a newborn all day nearly every day. I had never even held an infant, much less changed a diaper until she came along. I felt woefully unprepared which is why this guest post really spoke to me when I read it. I kind of wish I had had something like this to read before I went through it myself. 

I’d like to welcome Kristin Ross to my blog today. Kristin…thank you. Especially for #5 because I honestly never considered it as an option until I had been a stressed-out new mom for a few weeks. ( I make sure to tell all my other new mom friends the same thing!)

Like the trooper that you are, you worked through it all. First trimester: the nausea, the fatigue, the sleepiness. Second trimester: the challenge of finding clothes that would fit and flatter. Third trimester: lugging around that heavy baby 24/7, the nonstop trips to the restroom, the sweating.

It wasn’t easy, but you did it! And now, thank heavens, your little one has arrived and maternity leave along with it. You’re experiencing a bevy of emotions: joy, excitement, fear, doubt. And now, with plenty of time on your hands, you face a choice of how to make the best of your maternity leave. Will you spend it obsessing about all the things that might go wrong, worrying about all the mistakes you might make (here’s a hint: it’ll be less than you fear but more than you’d like). Or will you take control of these blessed days on leave and make the most of them?

We vote for the latter, and we have some ideas to help you do just that. Read on to find out more:

Lay low for a few days.

Business and productivity rule the workplace, as they should. After all, your employers pay you to get things done. But you’re not at work anymore, and you’re not on the clock. So, take it easy for a few days before you jump into whatever grand plans you have for your leave. Let your body recover, and let yourself enjoy that new little one without placing expectations on yourself to get anything done that doesn’t involve loving and caring for your baby.

Let others help out.

If you want to make step 1 happen, you’ll need to surrender to step 2. Have friends offered to bring meals for the first week? Let them. You’re tired. You’re sore. And you’ve got the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to you in your arms. Do you really want to cook because you don’t like accepting help from others? Get over it! The same goes for letting others clean your house. What? Not only let others—other women—see your house in a messy state, but let them clean it? Yes, we know, mortifying. Except, not really. Everyone’s house gets messy, and you have better things to do than clean right now. Get. Over. It. And let others help.

Hang out with other moms.

It’s always nice to be around like-minded people—people who understand what you’re feeling. So, get in touch with those other moms in your life and get out of the house with your baby. Meet up for coffee or lunch, and enjoy spending time with someone who can sympathize and offer comfort as well as laugh with you over the foibles of being a new mom. Talking with other moms will dispel your doubts and help you realize what a supermom you are.

Treat yourself and baby.

If you have some expendable income to do it with, then treat yourself and your little one to something special. You’ve both been through a lot. You’ve both done well! So, a little reward seems in order, doesn’t it? Go ahead, buy that fancy diaper bag you’ve been eyeing. Or really treat yourself with some new jewelry. And remember, this is your time to spoil your baby, so take every chance you get. There’s no shame in buying a few seemingly unnecessary items. And, if you do decide to buy something special for your little one, consider personalized gifts for babies. Personalized items, while useful immediately, ultimately become keepsakes forever.

Get away for a few hours each week without baby.

What? Leave your baby? That’s right. Friends, family, husband: they’re all up to the task of watching your little one, we assure you. Getting away without your baby will help in a few ways. One, you’ll have a chance to think about yourself for a change and remember what it’s like to live unencumbered. Go to a movie. Get your nails done. Go for a jog. Whatever. Two, it’ll help clear away baby-brain and remind you that, as amazing and important as your little one is, there’s still a whole world out there that matters. Three, you’ll see firsthand that—big surprise!—your baby can survive without you (for a few hours, anyway).

There you have it. You worked hard throughout your pregnancy and you’ve earned this maternity leave. Now it’s up to you to make the most of it. We hope our suggestions above help you do just that.

If you are a parent, do you have any additional tips to share for new moms? (And let’s not forget the dads!)

An extra special shout out to my mom friends who kept me sane when I was a new mom! I’m looking at YOU, Helly!!