Race History


March 13: Kelly St. Patrick’s Day 5K    22:26

February 6: Nuun Year Dash (virtual) 10K    44:31*


November 28: NCR Marathon    4:11:47

November 1: GPS Cross Country 5 Miler    42:01

October 25: Komen Race for the Cure 5K    22:28

October 17: Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon    1:45:49

September 26: NCR Half Marathon    1:43:41* (2nd place female)

September 5: Charles Street 12    1:35:47

August 16: Too Hot to Trot 10K    44:35 (2nd place female)

June 20: Fit Foodie 5K    20:54 (2nd place female, 5th place overall)

April 26: New Jersey Marathon      4:23:38 

March 22: White Hall 15K      1:14:35 (2nd place AG) 

January 17: Freeze Your Buns 5K      22:05 (1st place AG) 


November 23: Zoo Zoom 8K      35:14* (2nd place AG) 

November 15: The Color Run 5k    24:42 (Pushing 60+lbs of toddler & stroller!)

October 26: Komen Maryland 5k    21:51 (1st place AG) 

October 18: Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon    1:47:36

September 28: NCR Half Marathon    1:45:27 (1st place AG)

August 17: Too Hot to Trot 10K    47:17 (3rd place female)

August 9: Charles Street 12    1:41:50

June 29: Cool Kids Running Festival 5K    21:57 (2nd place female)

June 21: Fit Foodie 5K    20:51* (1st place AG, 4th place overall female)

June 15: GPS 5K    21:33 (2nd place female)

May 25: Bob Potts Marathon    3:49:25*

May 18: Women’s Distance Festival 5K    21:48 (3rd place overall)

April 27: Red Hot Run 5K    22:03 (2nd place female)

April 12: Sole of the City 10K    45:44

March 23: White Hall 15K    1:13:45* (1st place AG)

March 16: Kelly St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock 5K    22:53

January 26: GPS 8 Miler    59:19 (1st place AG)

January 1: Resolution Run 5k     22:38 (3rd place AG)


December 8: Charlie’s Run 5k   22:20 (1st place AG)

November 28: Gobble Cobble 7K    28:39

November 24: Zoo Zoom 8K    37:04

November 10: Restoration Run 5k    22:43 (1st place AG)

November 2: Fitsy Bitsy Spider Virtual Half Marathon    1:49:11

October 12: Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon    1:49:03

September 4: NFL Back to Football 5k       22:45

September 1: Run for the Cure 10k       48:03 (2nd place female)

July 21 : Run in the Sun 10K       54:05

* denotes PR. Prior to 2013, I ran in 2 5Ks. One was in October of 2010 and the other was in 2005, both well before I started feeling a little serious about all this. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Race History

  1. Megan Money-Wagner says:

    How do you find/choose your races and events? I know I shouldn’t dive too deep until I know I like it and can do it, but I’d like to look into so e possibilities as I’d like for running to potentially be my thing. My outlet you could say.

    • runsaltrun says:

      My go-to sites are Active, Running in the USA, and then the websites for two of the best running shops in my area. (They both promote quite a few events throughout the year.) Sometimes I’ll just throw out a Google search and have come up with some good finds that way too. Also I’m in a run club and they have a pretty stacked event calendar!

  2. Eva says:

    dang nice times! are you just naturally fast? i’ve been casually running for years but haven’t focused much on speed, going to be running my first full marathon this fall and with that, i plan to get more serious about running.

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